Looking to do a research project in Indian Sports and looking for collaborations? We offer a range of support to evaluate and execute large scale and Pan India research in the fields of Healthcare and High-Performance Sport.

Research Studies

Collaborate with us to conduct research ranging from quick sprints of data collection and observation to product development and controlled research studies that evaluate products, programs, or claims.

Data Management and Analytics

We improve performance by learning how individuals and groups use our products. With data management and analytics, we ensure the highest data integrity to understand areas of opportunity, evolve offerings, and optimize results.


We provide standard reporting with our operations. Our team also collaborates with companies to understand the questions they’re trying to answer, develop analysis plans to answer those questions, and use those plans to provide greater insight into the data.

Education -
Onsite Education and
Online Education

It all starts with you. Your decisions affect everyone from the coaches and players to the teams and leagues that make up your sport. We can help you help them.

We believe even the best sports professionals should never stop learning and improving their craft. So, we collaborate with your association to support your programs and events, serving coaches and team leaders with the knowledge they need to be the best they can.

We can attend conferences and seminars to provide hands-on continuing education opportunities. We also offer online and on-site courses and certifications that keep coaches up to speed on the latest advancements so they can help athletes do the same. As a sports community, we work better when we come together.