Varun Shetty

Founder, Director - Performance

Varun Shetty growing up in Abu Dhabi, was introduced to multiple sports and martial arts, and played at a high level through college. With his background in Mechanical Engineering and his passion for understanding the human body lead him to study strength and conditioning and exercise science. As a High-Performance coach, he has a keen understanding of the four pillars of performance - Exercise-Nutrition-Psychology-Recovery. He has worked with athletes from a variety of sports including cricket, motocross, golf, football, squash, running and a multitude of Olympic events. Most notably he was part of the National Olympic Weightlifting Team at the Commonwealth 2018 (Gold Coast). Varun currently holds the office of Managing Director of Invictus Performance Lab, he is responsible for developing educational content, long-term athlete management, High-performance Development, research and development. He is also an active practitioner in the Japanese martial art of Bujinkan (Ninjutsu) 5+ years and believes in a holistic and integrated approach to health and high-performance.

Shiva Subramaniam

Founder, Director - Innovation

A graduate from United World College of SEA and Nottingham University(U.K.) in International Management & Finance, Shiva Subramanian is at the forefront of India's entrepreneurship market. .He drives cutting-edge innovation across verticals as diverse as Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Preventative Health, Renewable Energy, Food Technology and High-performance Fitness. A constant source of inspiration to his team, he is also a prolific sportsperson and a thespian with over three decades of training in different forms of Martial Arts.

Rohan Mathew

Sr Partner, Performance

Rohan started young with a passion for the science and practice of human movement and sport. This lead him to train in multiple sports, become a martial arts instructor and pursue a Masters degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology in the UK.
Currently at Invictus, Rohan works as an Exercise Physiologist and Performance Coach. He works with an interdisciplinary team, from doctors to sports psychologists, to integrate their services and work towards the performance and health goals of athletes and clients. As an exercise physiologist, his role includes translating scientific research into practice, developing protocols of training, testing and treatment and driving R & D. He works with a broad spectrum of peoples from elite athletes competing at the international level to clinical populations. Rohan also designs and executes performance and rehab training programmes for athletes and works on building the skill level and knowledge base of his team. He has a special interest in adapting training programmes for para-athletes. Rohan believes that the confluence between the art and science of training is where individuals most benefit.

Kavana Bhat

Sports Science

Kavana is a Sports Scientist and a physiotherapist. Having bagged a gold medal, she completed her master’s in exercise and sports science degree from Manipal University. She has completed her Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy from R. V. College of Physiotherapy, Bangalore. Having been a connoisseur of sports, she has been inclined towards basketball for more than a decade.
Her work as a physiotherapist has exposed her to multiple injuries which has brought about a curiosity in rehabilitation work. As a result, her work in the field of sport science was a natural progression.
Her professional expertise in physiotherapy assessment and treatment plays a crucial role in understanding and integrating sports and biomechanical analysis. She's also interested in field assessment including physiological testing and strength assessments, injury prevention, and sports specific training.
Her research interests include exercise physiology and sport science.

Uttam Kumar

Strength & Conditioning - Lead Educationist

Uttam Kumar was introduced into the world of fitness from his days in the Indian Army, where he served as a Paramedical soldier as part of the Army Medical Corps. He served the army for 10 years, after which he did his under-graduation in Health Sciences from RGUHS, Bangalore. His strong desire to change the lives of various people through health coaching and education aspired him to become a strength and conditioning coach.
He has worked with athletes from various disciplines, including the likes of para-athletes. His role included integrating programmes from nutrition, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and mental conditioning for individuals and teams.


  • IOPN- PG Diploma performance Nutrition,UK ( pursuing)
  • NSCA-CSCS (Certified strength and conditioning specialist)
  • FMS
  • EBFA- Master Instructor
  • AAHFRP- Medical Exercise Specialist.

Ashwini Shelke

Orthopaedic Physical Therapist

Ashwini is an Orthopaedic Physical Therapist. She is a postgraduate in Physiotherapy (Manual therapy) from Manipal University and holds an undergraduate degree from Lokmanya Tilak Medical College. She is also certified in orthopaedic manual therapy, clinical neurodynamics, kinesiotaping and antenatal-postnatal care.
Ashwini has previously worked with the Paraplegic Foundation, Mumbai as a part of the rehabilitation team for patients with spinal cord injury. She has a undying thirst for knowledge and is always up for a challenge, ever willing to try new forms of sport. Her strong work ethic is evident in her sessions with clients from different backgrounds.
Her area of interest and expertise are in treating chronic neck pain, neurological conditions and rehabilitative therapy for ACL.

Abhishek Nayak


Abhishek has completed his undergraduate and postgraduate program in Physiotherapy from Manipal University, Manipal specializing in manual therapy and sports.
His keen interest lies in bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance. Reintroducing an athlete or an individual to his pre-injury status of physical activity and keeping him injury resilient is his primary objective.
Abhishek works as a clinical and sports physiotherapist at Invictus performance lab. His primary role includes performing physical assessments, injury analysis, and designing a rehabilitation, injury prevention programs, and executing with an integrated work of a multidisciplinary team.
He was part of the national Olympic weightlifting team at commonwealth games 2018. He has also travelled with multiple athletes from different disciplines performing injury management and pre-game preparation for multiple tournaments. He also builds course content for students and practitioners in the field of physiotherapy. In his leisure time he enjoys cooking and bike rides.